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From just undertaking small projects worth about RM 100 thousand in the early years, BEAMFORMER has grown by leaps and bounds. Delivering projects costing more than RM1 million is now the norm. In addition to our vast experience, we are propelled by determined k-workers. As such, we have been able to compete effectively and efficiently with our peers as well as with some of the more established companies. We delivered satisfactorily and that is why we are trusted. Some of our proud achievements are :

- first setup and supply of private community healthcare clinic in Johor, Malaysia

– first supply and commissioning Operating Theatre equipment and autoclave for private Medical Centres in Klang and Shah Alam.

- as Medical Planner / consultant in setting up and supply medical equipment for 10 bed private hospital in Kajang.

- consultant to setup 4 private clinic including supplying equipments

– awarded contract to service and supply x-ray accessories in 9 X-Ray centers in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur

- contract to service and supply HPLC units in private Pharmaceutical factory in Bangi.

- awarded by Ministry of Health to supply diagnostic ultrasound scanners to 3 community hospitals in Hulu Selangor district, Malaysia.
- As Medical Planner / consultant to setup 15 beds private hospital in Puchong.

- awarded to supply and commissioning of Membran Fuel Cell Block and Test Kit to Makmal Membran in UTM.

- appointed Medical Planner / Equipment Planner for new setup of a private medical centre in Senawang.
- awarded contract to supply Radiography X-Ray System in 3 healthcare centres in Klang Valley.

- appointed Medical Planner for Aniza Medical Centre, Rawang.
- Appointed Medical Planner for Pusat Bersalin Nor, Sg. Buloh.
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